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BondMarvel is an internationally experienced management consultancy offering technological business solutions and services. Committed to delivery, focused on business operations, providing innovative and collaborative high performance solutions and services tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

BondMarvel works in unison with its clients, enabling them to perform at the highest levels ensuring sustainable value. We will help identify new business, technology trends, products and marketing opportunities and develop solutions to assist our clients across all sectors, whilst constantly striving to improve operational processes.

In partnership with our customers, we ensure that all their IT and/or Change initiatives are clearly scoped, aligned, integrated and the ongoing and future changes stay under control.

Making a difference

We work with our client not for them but by collaborating with them throughout engagements, we build support, ensure momentum and reach workable solutions. We also stretch and enhance our clients’ capabilities as they participate in the problem solving process - establishing a solid fact base.

Like customer relationships, partner relationships take hard work and time to develop. BondMarvel recognises the importance of finding organisations that complement and enhance our capabilities. We also know that both parties must demonstrate a strong desire to make the relationship work.

Taking a top management perspective – by partnering with the senior management team, we ensure that we are working on the issues and opportunities that are important at the highest levels of the company and that our solutions are integrated across business units and functions.

Because we are driven to make a difference, our company of individuals are people with outstanding character, sharp analytical minds, and the ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organisation.

What we do

Our goals

We work with our client not for them but by collaborating with them throughout engagements, BondMarvel's aim is to provide solutions and services that make a positive difference for our customers. Our purpose is simply to make a difference by collaborating with our customers to identify, understand, realise and measure the benefits of change.

Motivated and inspired by a steadfast commitment to excellence, positive change and striving to earn the lasting trust of our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations, six key shared goals and values underpin everything BondMarvel does:

  • To improve operational performance and responsiveness to business change.
  • To build long term relationships with our customers through collaboration.
  • To deliver systems and solutions that are simple, user friendly and provide Return On Investment (ROI).
  • To increase revenue in our customers' existing markets and entry to new markets.
  • To deliver our customers' products and services more effectively and efficiently.
  • To deliver the benefits our customers expect from business transformation and IT projects.
The key is to care more about the well-being of your client than they do. EleoNora Nelson-Per-Claeson - CEO, BondMarvel Consulting Ltd

Our experience

BondMarvel has a collective commitment to our partners to help each other be successful, which translates into a unbending resolve to invest time and resources to ensure a mutually beneficial teaming arrangement.

We believe that the ability to manage business change is a fundamental requirement for any business serious about long term continued existence and what distinguishes BondMarvel from other consultancy firms in the market place is our extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Management Consultancy
  • Risk identification and Business Analysis
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Business & IT Change Management
  • Project & Programme Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Agile and structured Methodology to systems and application implementation
  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Hospitality Management



We serve our customers on numerous issues, regardless of industry sector. BondMarvel understands not only our IT customer's specific business systems, but also their target industries. We work in collaboration with our clients to develop tailor-made strategies for their specific needs and growth plans, by jointly assessing strengths and weaknesses, anticipating trends in consumer behavior, identifying growth potential and designing implementation plans.

With many years experience of delivering complex mission-critical systems, solutions and business process re-engineering to key market sectors worldwide, and with combined experience of our entire organisation, BondMarvel is able to achieve one simple goal: to make our customers even more successful.

In recent years, we have assisted numerous companies in various industry sectors in developing strategies to increase and broaden revenue streams and prepare for tomorrow's challenges.

BondMarvel's key Industry sectors include, but are not limited to, Telecoms, Retail, Media, Public Sector, Transport and SMBs. Over the past few years, we have supported companies in this sector to improve operational excellence with the help of our consultants and business analysts from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Companies that work with BondMarvel have the advantage of a clear win-win situation, because we combine easy, simple, pragmatic and valuable business acumen with proven technical skills and service to deliver superior benefits in diverse markets.


Eleonora is a passionate Agile coach and Scrum Master, she worked tirelessly and with great enthusiasm with our distributed (onshore/offshore) teams, coaching every member across many different roles how to be a part of an agile team. The response was marvellous, when the impediments were removed the team's really flew! And to top it all, it was fun, Eleonora brought great energy and character to our organisation. Jay Bishop, Multi Channel Delivery Manager, TUI
EleoNora is a great coach who is passionate about Agile and anything that has to do with people working together and their psychology. I have been introduced to the agile way of working by EleoNora. I should say she is "The Dictionary" of Agile and she strictly adhere to the Agile Principles as well makes the team to do the same. She infused us with great enthusiasm for Agile and she has a unique way of mentoring by which team adopts to the change at ease. She had a tremendous effect on supporting the team's transition to agile processes - both through her coaching of the team and through her work to modify the organization’s processes to fully accommodate agile delivery teams. Sivakumar MS, Senior Technical Lead, Sonata Software


BondMarvel's aim is to provide its customers with a competitive edge by increasing efficiency in managing project performance in line with our client companies’ vision and strategy. As a result of our understanding of our customer’s needs, we are able to identify which of our services offerings will best achieve our customer's required outcome. This then enables us to provide solutions to achieve these objectives, while also adding value at the same time.

The values that guide our business and actions are as follows.

Management Consultancy
  • Maintaining consistent, high levels of quality by promoting continuous, value add, feedback.
  • Ability to add value utilising the most appropriate methods for Change Management including Prince2 and Agile.
  • Adding value by initiating projects to be responsive.
  • Directly supporting the changing business context and learning curve.
Deliver to expectations
  • Incremental delivery.
  • Collaborative engagement with users.
  • Promote feedback to customers.
Manage Project & Programme Scope
  • Prioritise features according to business benefit.
  • Manage challenges to maximise ROI on time/money spent per increment.
Management and analysis of project life cycle
  • Break down large requirements into manageable features.
  • Development of full end to end features, continuous Quality Assurance, Engineering and Communication techniques, Estimation, Risk and Issues management and Planning.


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